Important Information

Lost and Found

All articles found in or around the building should be turned into lost and found.  A cabinet for lost and found articles is located in the cafeteria.  

Dress Code

Clothing and footwear should be appropriate for the season and reflect good taste and grooming.  Some footwear, such as shoes that are loose fitting, have elevated heals or slippery soles, are dangerous for use on the playground and on polished or carpeted floors.  

Tee shirts with inappropriate subject matter should not be worn to school.  Hats or headgear may not be worn in the building during school hours.  Outfits that are inappropriate for school cause a distraction from the business of the school day.

We need your cooperation in having all students dressed properly for school and for learning. 

Bus Transportation

School transportation services are provided exclusively for the benefit and safety of students.  The following rules are devised for these reasons and parents are asked to periodically review them with their children.  
  • Arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to bus arrival time. 
  • Students must ride their assigned bus and are not allowed to change buses to visit friends.
  • Every student must be seated as soon as s/he gets on the bus and remain seated until the bus comes to a full stop at the point where s/he leaves the bus.
  • Students should leave the bus without hurrying or pushing.
  • Students should at no time or in any manner cause any disturbances that will distract the bus driver's attention and endanger the occupants of the bus.  
  • Feet must be kept on the floor and out of the aisles.
  • No student should mark or damage the bus or leave waste material on it.  
  • There shall be no eating on the bus.
  • Students will refrain from loud talking or shouting while on the bus.
  • The use of obscene or profane language is strictly forbidden.
  • The will be no throwing or shooting of objects about the bus.
  • Students must form an orderly line prior to boarding their bus at its departure time and point.  All students waiting for the bus in the school building are to wait quietly without running and playing.  
  • Students leaving school buses at a point on the opposite side of the road from their homes are to pass in front of the bus.  They should stop, look up and down the road for cars approaching from either direction, and proceed only on a signal from the bus driver.  
  • A parent or responsible adult should be present to receive kindergarten children as they are dropped off at the bus stop following the morning session.  Our drivers will not drop off kindergartners if no one is there to meet them and will return them to school.   

Toys in School

Toys, electronic devices, and trading cards, are all great things with which to have fun, but they are not appropriate for school.  They are often very distracting during instructional time.  All of these kinds of things are to be left at home when you come to school.  If you are interested in bringing something to school to share, you can think of bringing things like: a special book, photos of family pets, family members or events.

Playground Safety

Playground Rules

  • Good sportsmanship and a respectful manner should be practiced at all times.
  • Everyone is welcome to play.
  • Secure footwear must be worn on the playground. This means sneakers or closed shoes with heels or heel straps.
  • Watch where you are going.
  • Run only on the grass and blacktop – not on the wood chips.
  • Wait your turn patiently.
  • Slides are one way only  -  DOWN,  and one person at a time.
  • Keep a good distance from swings in use; one person at a time on a swing.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Do not jump off of the equipment.
  • Stay away from the fences and respect the trees by leaving them alone.
  • Children must be visible to adults at all times. Children are not to go behind sheds, under evergreen trees, or in the woods without an adult.
  • Games that involve body contact are not allowed; i.e. tag, tackle football, Starwars, or King of the Mountain.
  • Only soft, Nerf-like balls, are allowed at recess.
  • Appropriate outerwear should be worn, especially in winter. Check the weather report each day.
  • Students must have winter attire from head to foot in order to go on the snow.
  • If students have correct outerwear for the snow they may build snow sculptures.
  • Sticks, stones, snowballs or any hard objects are not to be thrown.
  • Sledding, sliding, bicycle riding, rollerblading, and skateboarding are not permitted on school grounds at any time.

Library Books

Book Return & Check Out Procedures for Non-Library Days

Students may come to the library on non-library days, with teacher permission, to return books for any reason such as:

  • You had forgotten your books on your scheduled library day and want to return them & check out books you put on “hold”. (books only stay on hold only for 1 day after they are placed there),
  • You would like to return a book that is overdue (received and overdue notice),
  • You realized the book you were reading was not what you thought,
  • You finished a book earlier than your scheduled library day.

 Best times to come:

  • Before or right after announcements in the morning,
  • When there is not a class in the library (see library schedule on Goldmine’s Website)

**If there is no adult in the Library at all, students still may return their books on the Book Drop Cart but cannot check out new books until an adult can do so.

Mrs. Ruddock's 3 Rs

There are 3 simple ways to demonstrate your 'personal best.' We are all members of the Middle Gate community, and EVERYONE is responsible for contributing to the success of all members.

Here are the 3R's!

You are:

esponsible for your words, attitude and actions.
Ready to learn when you come to school.

Respectful of yourself, others and your school.