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What is RRD?

The RRD Club (Respect, Responsibility, & Diversity) is made up of 4th grade students who are environmentally aware, interested in cultural differences, and work together to make our school and community a better place.



C.A.R.E.S stands for cooperation, assertion, respect, empathy, and self-control.  R.R.D. Members set a positive example for fellow students by living the Middle Gate C.A.R.E.S. policy every day.


RRD members commit to monthly meetings where they create, plan, and discuss initiatives to benefit our school and community by showing we C.A.R.E.


The RRD Club runs the paper and plastic recycling for the school, and makes fellow students aware of the “Carry In, Carry Out” lunchroom policy.

Recycling Schedule

Every Thursday morning the students will be recycling once they arrive to school after getting dropped off by a parent/guardian or when they get off the bus. The students will report to their classroom and take care of lunch selection, letting their teacher know they are there, and put belongings away. The students will then report to the art room and we will begin recycling from there.

(*Note: There will be no recycling on those days where there is a delayed opening or closing.)

Upcoming Dates

Remaining Dates for the last month of RRD!!!!

May 7-Recycling Day

May 14-Recycling Day

This will be our last meeting of the year and it's with Pizza!! During the 4th graders lunch period, the RRD club kids will be invited to have pizza as a last meeting day celebration.

May 28-Last Recycling Day

News and Announcements
None at this time.
Contact Information
Mrs. Kennedy – Lead Teacher/Supervisor of RRD
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: Main Office

Mr. Hoagland- Building Intern/Coordinator of RRD
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: Art Room

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